Two Leaves and a Bud

"What Makes a Better Cuppa' Tea?"

Two Leaves and a Bud starts with great whole leaf organic tea. They use only premium teas, grown in selective traditional tea regions, using authentic growing methods. Only the finest growers and best harvests are chosen.

Two Leaves Tea Company teas have received praise and awards from around the world, including a first place award at the 2012 North American Tea Championship for Jasmine Petal. They have also won Best New Tea award for 2005-2006 from the Specialty Coffee Association of the United States, and in 2006, two leaves and a bud's Earl Grey won the Peoples Choice Award at the Great Canadian Tea Steep-Off.

Two Leaves and A Bud Nice Matcha

Join the Matcha Trend with this Healthy, Versatile and Low-Caffeine beverage by Two Leaves and a Bud. A delicious, balanced approachable matcha with a smooth finish and nice mouth-feel. Enjoyed by both matcha fans and novies alike. Ours is healthy, versatile and dairy-free. Try some today.

Two Leaves and A Bud Iced Tea

Cool off with Organic Black Iced Tea. Smooth, but robust, this black organic tea leaves yield a complexity of flavor that will have you smacking your lips after every taste!

Dammann Freres

Dammaan Darjeeling

Dammann Frères, an extraordinary collection of unique, hand-picked premium teas served in the finest teashops, restaurants and hotels in France and around the world.

Since 1925, the Dammann family has been dedicated to the perfection of the highest quality tea possible, creating exceptional blends by master tea specialists who are dedicated to the selection, purchase and superior blend of every flavor.

Celebrate the fine art of tea with a perfect cup of Dammann. Or, chill your Dammann Freres for a refreshing summertime treat.

Sattwa Chai

Sattwa is the most delicious, balanced, authentic chai on the market. Crafted with whole spices of cinnamon, ginger, cardamon, cloves and pepper, real tea leaves and a hand brewed process means every batch reaches your cup with vibrant, balances and perfection. Sattwa Chai is Fair Trade Certified, made with 100% organic tea and spices, and has no additives. This accounts for its vibrant flavors and many health-giving benefits.

Try some today for a unique and authentic chai experience. Sattwa Chai is simply too delicous to be ignored.

“Sapori Fine Flavors recently performed significant repairs to an old Francis and Francis machine that I have. I am extremely impressed with the quality of their work and their customer service. The coffee that the machine now makes is amazing, to boot!”


“…It's like a Thanksgiving moment everyday. Nathan and his assembled experts at Sapori Fine Flavors are the folks that make it happen for me. They've taught me what to look for in the science of coffee and how to deliver it via the Art of coffee. They are a fun group yet accountable to a "T" and extremely serious about the best cup of coffee delivered every time. Bravo!”


“Chuck's Place considers Sapori Fine Flavors a true partner in our business. We have worked with them for over ten years and in that time have come to appreciate how unique great customer service is!”