Brewing ‘Drip’ Coffee

  1. Place paper filter in metal basket and place in coffee grinder (Regular coffee is always on the right, decaf is always on the left).

  2. Press the appropriate button for which type you are going to brew.

  3. Once the basket is full of ground coffee and grinder has stopped, remove basket from grinder (The coffee grounds should be level and the filter sides upright and level).

  4. Place metal basket into coffee brewer.

  5. Place thermal pot under metal basket in coffee brewer (Make sure the thermal pot is empty before brewing).

  6. Press brew button.

  7. It is very important to completely finish the brewing cycle before you remove the thermal pot. The flavor profile will be inconsistent if you attempt to take coffee for even just a cup. Empty used filter from metal filter basket after each brew cycle.


Before starting the initial brew:

  1. Preheat the container.  This insures the coffee stays hot. 

  2. Make sure the green “ready” light is illuminated.  Slide brew basket in place and the container in position, press and release “BREW” switch.  The brew cycle will begin.  When the cycle complete, let the water stand for 4-8 minutes.

  3. Do not grind extra coffee in advance.  Do not load the filter and basket unless you are ready to brew coffee.

  4. Always allow the brew cycle to complete before taking any coffee; this will affect the quality of the entire batch.

  5. Do not mix fresh brewed coffee with previously brewed coffee as this will dilute the taste and affect the flavor of the whole batch. Never use grounds more than once.

  6. Never re-heat coffee.

  7. Always make sure all coffee containers are cleaned before use; acids and other organic materials can taint even the best brewed coffee.

  8. Always discard any coffee that has not been served in the 2 hour recommended holding time.

  9. Clean your brewing equipment daily (especially the spray head area).