To guarantee the consistency and quality of our coffee, Sapori Fine Flavors provides training to our fine restaurants, coffee shops, and vendors. Make a selection below from our library of resources for baristas and coffee aficionados. But, of course, the real secret to a great cup of illy coffee is living in the moment you're experiencing it.

Espresso Preparation

By illy's Giorgio Milos at Chuck's Place in Lake Oswego - KOIN TV. For some of us, the day doesn't start until we have had our morning cup of coffee. But what we use as a jump-start to our day is actually an artful ritual in Italy. Having an espresso or a cappuccino is not just for the caffeine it is part of the culture.

Latte & Cappuccino Art

Giorgio Milos demonstrates two free-pour illy lattes in the James Beard House Greenhouse.
Art Cappuccino creations during an University of Coffee's lesson in Galleria illy@KaDeWe, Berlin.
In an earlier episode of the show we met Giorgio Milos, the Master Barista from Illy coffee and told us about how to make the perfect espresso. This week we got him to make the perfect cappuccino for us.